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Energy Projects

Energy Efficiency - System/Equipment Replacement (2012)

INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, INC. replaced an antiquated steam stripping tower that was consuming approximately $40,000/year of natural gas. The energy was used to heat the influent water stream. The steam stripper was replaced with a much simpler and more energy efficient modular tank reactor system. Power consumption was reduced by approximately $30,000/year.

In addition to the energy cost savings, the upgraded water treatment system provided simplified and more reliable operations, saving an additional $20,000/year in operational and maintenance expense. The total installed replacement system cost was $330,000.

Overall, the project has a 6-7 year payback timeframe. The newly installed equipment has a life expectancy of greater than 20 years. IESI engineers designed and installed the equipment and subcontracted portions of the work to various local tradesmen in the Detroit area.

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