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Project Management for Five Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation Facilities — Massachusetts

Energy ServicesINNOVATIVE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, INC. has been assisting an Investor Owned Utility with the installation of approximately 5 megawatts (MW) of solar energy generation facilities at five different sites, four of which are "Brownfield" sites. IESI's client is undertaking this initiative under the Massachusetts Green Communities Act enacted by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Patrick. The Green Communities Act enables electric utilities to own, operate, and maintain up to fifty megawatts (50 MW) of solar energy generation. Accordingly, our client has developed a plan, consistent with its commitment to the development of renewable energy for the Commonwealth, to encourage the growth of the solar industry in Massachusetts and advance the public policy objectives set forth in the Green Communities Act.

Each system consists of the following: (i) photovoltaic modules that produce direct current (dc) electricity from sunlight; (ii) inverter(s) which convert dc current to alternating current (ac) to make it compatible with the electric distribution system; (iii) transformers to step-up the generated voltage of the electricity so it can be interconnected with the existing distribution system; and (iv) the protection equipment to ensure that the solar energy generation facility will not affect the reliability of the distribution system and the safety of employees and the public. Each system covers roughly 5 acres of land that were formerly manufactured gas plant sites that have residual subsurface contamination, and as a result, are listed with the State as "Disposal Sites". Redevelopment of these "Brownfield" sites provides the company and the communities with a viable development alternative while providing a renewable energy source.

IESI has been assisting with the project management of the program which has included the following tasks:

  • Regulatory filing preparation (initial filing for approval and cost recovery filing upon completion of each system)
  • Attendance at regulatory hearings and depositions
  • Obtaining permits for site civil work (zoning approvals, wetland approvals, site plan review processes, Release Abatement Measures, SWPPP, etc.)
  • Preparation of requests for proposal for major equipment (e.g., photovoltaic modules and inverters), site civil preparation work, and for PV system integrators
  • Reviewing and evaluating numerous responses to the RFPs, interviews with contractors and supplier, financial evaluation of bids and selection of winning bidders
  • Assisting in the negotiation of contracts with suppliers and contractors
  • Management of contractors and consultants during site civil prep work and PV system installation

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