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MCP Compliance

Innovative Engineering Solutions employs five Professional Engineers and five Licensed Site Professionals with a combined total of 100 years of consulting experience in the environmental and hazardous waste fields. Our registered professional engineers provide us with license coverage across most of the U.S.

IESI has been providing environmental consulting services in Massachusetts since 1995 (our staff has experience dating back to the 1988 MCP) and has consistently provided cutting edge interpretation of the MCP maximizing the flexibility of the regulation for our clients while protecting human health and the environment (as was intended by the privatized program). In addition to our extensive experience on MCP sites in Massachusetts, we have worked on RCRA, CERCLA and TSCA sites in over 35 states, have conducted investigation and remediation activities to address all types of contamination (including petroleum, polychlorinated biphenyls, metals, coal tar, chlorinated solvents), and have extensive experience working with local Boards of Health and Conservation Commissions (in fact, some of our staff were formerly members of their local Conservation Commission). For these response actions, we have also addressed regulations beyond those specific to remediation of hazardous waste sites, including NPDES, Storm Water Pollution Prevention, and SPCC.

IESI and its employees have been involved in the remediation of thousands of hydrocarbon impacted sites across the US. We have successfully implemented vapor extraction, dual extraction, oxidation, bioremediation, NAPL recovery as well as numerous other technologies during our years of success.

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