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Regulartory compliance auditsRegulatory

IESI performs regulatory compliance audits to ensure that the waste disposal/recycling firms are properly handling the shipments that your firm sends them. IESI is currently auditing over 150 facilities nationwide for RCRA, NPDES, and air compliance monitoring associated with waste disposal practices.

We have prepared numerous SPCC, contingency plans and storm water pollution prevention plans for a variety of operating facilities across the US.

IESI performs audits or acquisition-related due diligence evaluations of site investigations or remedial activities. IESI evaluates the selected remedial strategy, site investigation, operation and maintenance program, or any other aspect of the project, as appropriate. This service is particularly useful for existing system optimization or enhancement. A report is prepared to discuss our recommendations, and includes cost estimates and/or environmental liabilities.

Our in-house capabilities and associations with regulatory consulting attorneys, engineers, and linear programming personnel can offer our clients information age expertise on cost benefit analysis for product life cycle analysis.

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