Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Solar & Renewable Energy Project

Location: Barre I, MA

Owner: Kearsarge Barre, LLC
Host: Private Land owner
Size: 2,402 kilowatts
Number of Modules: 8,008
Number of Inverters: 4
Annual kWh produced: 2,929,304
Date Active: May 2014
Construction Start: December 2013

Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc. (IESI) completed the Engineering, procurement and Construction for a 2,402 kW solar array for Kearsarge Energy in Barre, MA. The property was formerly used as a ski resort and the terrain of this location as the biggest challenge! Working closely with the racking manufacturer and installer, IESI was able to maximize the size of the array while minimizing work on the steep slopes and neighborhood impact.

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