Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Solar & Renewable Energy Project

Location: Concord, MA

Owner: Kearsarge Barre, LLC
Host: Town of Concord Municipal Landfill
Size: 1,722.8 kilowatts
Number of Modules: 5,830
Number of Inverters: 3
Annual kWh produced: 2,168,330
Date Active: April 2014
Construction Start: October 2013

Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc. (IESI) completed the Engineering, procurement and Construction for a 1,722.8 kW solar array on the Concord Landfill in Concord, MA for Kearsarge Energy.  IESI finalized all equipment selections, permitting changes, and design changes bringing the conceptual design to construction over difficult winter construction season. A ballasted ground mounted system was selected to meet the “no penetration” of the landfill cap permit condition.  In addition to saving money on the purchase of green power, the Town of Concord will also save money in reduced maintenance cost of the landfill cap.  IESI engineers are currently designing a Phase II array to be installed on the south facing slopes of the landfill.

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