Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Solar & Renewable Energy Project

Location:Franklin II, MA

Owner: Private Capital Investor
Host: Mount St. Marry Abbey, Franklin/Wrentham
Size: 4,802 kilowatts
Number of Modules: 16,632
Number of Inverters: 8
Annual kWh produced: 5,612,785
Date Active: December 2014
Construction Start: May 2013

Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc. (IESI) completed the Engineering, procurement and Construction for a 4,802 kW solar array for a Private Capital Investor in Franklin, MA.  This large property is also owned by the Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey monastery of Cistercian Nuns.  As with “Franklin 1”, the power produced is sold to the Town of Franklin and the Nuns collect rent to help sustain their facility (which included a windmill and a geothermal heated/cooled chocolate factory!).  This 24.9 acre site was forested and the cleared trees were used for lumber and biomass power generation.  Bedrock outcrops required blasting and ballasted foundations for a portion of this large ground mount system.


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