Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Solar & Renewable Energy Project

Location:Grafton, MA

Owner: Investor Group
Host: Investor Group
Size: 1,720 kilowatts
Number of Modules: 6,072
Number of Inverters: 3
Annual kWh produced: 1,989,371
Date Active: September 2013
Construction Start: April 2013

Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc. (IESI) completed the Engineering, procurement and Construction for a 1,720 kW solar array for an Investor Group and hosted by the Town of Grafton Water District.  This location presented challenges that included wetlands, vernal pools, endangered species, contaminated land, and State approval to locate the array within the Well Head Protection area of the municipal drinking water well.  This Pile Driven ground mounted system was designed with respect to all these challenges.  The Town of Grafton and the Grafton Water District are the beneficiary of the reliable green energy this system produces.

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